12 July 2011

Independent Music News Review of 'Running' from the "Elegy" Album

Just received a new review of the track 'Running' from Independent Music News in the UK:

Hello Independent Music News fans/readers. Guess who’s back to scare you with satirical madness? Frankenstein esque reviewer Daniel Thomas. Yes he’s been resurrected from the grave of working 9 till 5 shifts as a pot-washer; I think that’s why I’m talking in third person, again. Announcing myself in third person ultimately means that soon I’ll be talking to the pots and pans that lurk on the side of disreputable dreams. Anyway who do we have today Daniel Thomas? (FUCK OFF YOU PRETENTIOUS TWAT, YOU’RE NOT GOD!). Anyway today I received this lovely email from the depths of internet supremacy from a gentleman, unbeknown to myself called – Shawn Crowle. So I decided to listen to review a track called – Running – because ultimately everyone is running away from something. Gather round readers, lets have a listen.

Running – like doughnut policemen. Is that Tom Waits running towards me? what have you got to say Tom? “Have you heard this gentleman called: Shawn Crowle? is he trying to copy my style?” and which I would reply, NO. Shawn Crowle may have the shrivelled voice box and acoustic style but there’s something different with his approach. He promotes every song like a nice walk in the park, disrupted by a homeless man looking for spare change. Two different worlds collide and ultimately poverty is left lying on the floor; like an old newspaper stuck on the window of an abandoned house. Shawn Crowle – I salute you for showing me ‘that’ different world in nearly 3 minutes of reality.

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