5 June 2011

Itunes Fan Review of the "Elegy" Album

A special thanks to DPGibbons for the very kind review on Itunes UK.

"If you've not listened to Shawn Crowle before, be prepared for something completely different. His music is probably the most radical you'll have heard in a long while - think Scott Walker, think Tom Waites, think of any artist who caused the hair on the back of your neck to stand up the first time you heard them - Shawn is one of those artists, one who polarises opinion, one who leaves a lasting impression.

If you like your music crammed full of emotion every inch of the way, Shawn's your man! Once you get over the shock of his radical approach to singing, the emotion in his voice will hit you like a freight train, relentless, harrowing at times - this isn't easy listening - you have to make an effort to get on the same wave-length, but once you do and once you make that connection you're in for pure joy.

The album opens with 'Once' - a gentle sensitive acoustic guitar and piano opening that sets the scene for a typical Shawn Crowe vocal. Shawn's lyrics are simple and to the point, but poetical at the same time and manage to conjure images that match the mood of the the music and vocal ' the old moon hanging careless', 'then we move into a storefront street' - this is a heady blend of tone-poem imagery, an artisitic delight.

'Running' is a tale of a man at the end of his tether, he can run no more and faces his fate 'I want to know where it's coming from'.

The album is full of images, of problems unresolved, of real lives and stories, of pain. 'The Girl on the edge of town' , 'The Baytown Boardwalk girl' , Eddie in 'The Rock & Roll Band' - all bought to vivid life, you can feel their lives in the emotional voice of Shawn Crowe.

A whole new dimension has just been added to popular music by Shawn Crowle and there is no going back. He walks a different path to anyone in contemporary music I've heard - if you're brave enough to walk that path with him, the musical rewards are immense."

Check out the album on Itunes and don't forget to stop by www.shawncrowle.com or facebook.